Monday, August 29, 2016

Book Review: One of the Few

One of the Few
by Jason B. Ladd
Wasilla, AK: Boone Shepherd, LLC, 2015

“What do you believe about God? Your answer will lead to a worldview that shapes your thinking about humanity, the world, and what exists beyond.”

Jason B. Ladd is a Marine Fighter Pilot, married with children. In “One of the Few,” he shares his own journey to the Christian faith, comparing spiritual discipline to that required for military service. He also contrasts the secular and Christian worldview, explaining why the Christian is superior to the secular.

Ladd offers a reasoned look at faith. He has a logical mind and needed an understanding of faith that would make sense to his intellect. He shares, “I once thought you had to check your brain at the door to believe in Christianity. On the contrary, Christians seeking to understand their faith are using its full potential.”

“One of the Few” will appeal to men and anyone interested in the military. It is written from a broad Christian perspective. The only statement Catholic will disagree with is that communion is described as a symbol. Other than that, the author demonstrates a great respect for the Catholic faith and, in fact, even quotes from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Many people, especially young people, are lost today, searching for meaning in a secular world. “One of the Few” is an interesting spiritual memoir and a practical guide to the Christian life which has the potential to answer their questions and lead them to a life rooted in Jesus Christ.

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