Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Deacon Eddie Ensley shares Messages from Heaven

I've been blessed to work as an editor for Deacon Eddie Ensley for the past few years. In many ways, his life story is that of a life touched by God. He suffered a brain injury at birth which caused him great difficulty in his growing up, with challenges in executive functioning, learning disabilities, and interpersonal relationships. In addition, his father suffered from a severe mental illness which made his home life dysfunctional.

Yet, through it all, Jesus was with him, and he would grow up to earn a Ph.D. as well as to become an ordained Catholic deacon who speaks to thousands of individuals each year when he gives parish missions. He has also written fourteen books.

In his latest book, Messages from Heaven, he shares some of the wondrous experiences he has had in his life and the messages that he has been given to share with all of us. He does not claim that these messages are direct dictation from God, but rather mediated experiences that he has had. He writes in a style of visionary literature that was once common but has fallen into disuse in our present time.

The story of the way God has worked in his life is truly amazing and I feel truly fortunate to have the opportunity to help him share his story.

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