Monday, December 05, 2005

Christmas Comes a Little Early

We had our first Christmas party yesterday. The boys received a couple of presents there and another one today. I really enjoy having the Christmas presents spread out. It gives the boys the opportunity to actually enjoy the gifts and play with them as opposed to having this onslaught on Christmas Day where they end up with a pile that they are so overwhelmed with.

Rebecca Drake, the editor of "The Catholic Observer", our local diocesan newspaper wrote in an editorial how at first she was annoyed to see all the Christmas decorations out in the store back in October. Then she thought about it and realized we are right to celebrate Christmas at any time of the year. That is something good to remember and meditate on. We are always in a state of both anticipation and waiting for Christ to come, as well as celebrating that which has already happened. Christmas should always be with us.

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