Sunday, December 18, 2005

What a Busy Christmas Day!

Christmas is the time of year when things get so busy. Today was one of those days. We had a Christmas party at Church, then we had mass, then David and I had CCD where we both had Christmas parties in our respective classes. Actually, today my 4th grade class combined with the 1st grade class in order to share materials to work on a Christmas craft. It really was alot of fun. David had a good time in his Pre-K class, too.

Then we had to hurry home because we had our long-distance friends coming for a Christmas celebration at 1 pm. It was wonderful to see everyone and everything went well. The boys had a good time playing with their friends that they hadn't seen in quite a while and opening their presents and we grown-ups had the opportunity to get caught up.

I love to see everyone and have Christmas parties, but I also breathe a sigh of relief after. It's 8 pm and everyone (including my husband) is sleeping. Everyone was worn out by our busy day. Thankfully this week should be pretty quiet before all the festivities of next weekend.

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