Friday, December 02, 2005

Momentary Indulgences

Lest you think that I spend every waking moment dwelling on spiritual issues, I feel compelled to confess that I do indulge in some momentary pleasures. For one, I love ice cream - couldn't live without it! In fact, I just finished a bowl while I was sitting here at the computer checking my email.

Second, I enjoy reading magazines, in particular ones on home decorating. I love "Better Homes and Garden," "House Beautiful," and "Home and Garden." On occasion, I'll even venture into Martha Stewart's "Living" even though I would never put that much effort into my decorating or my cooking. I even enjoy "Town and Country" - a magazine which features products and services I could never afford in my wildest dreams. Honestly, even if I had millions of dollars at my disposal, I really am not the $5,000 dress kind of woman!

I just like to look at beautiful things. Art and beauty are important wherever you find them. Whether that be in your decorating style, or the plants in your garden, or the clothes you wear, if we are surrounded by beauty, we are happier people. Above my computer, I have a collage of art pictures that I have cut from books and magazines, and no, you will not find that in any reputable decorating magazine. These pictures are literally just taped to the wall, but I enjoy them and that is what matters. So, find some beauty in your surroundings and indulge!

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