Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What a Wonderful Day!

While the boys and I often go out of the house and do activities, I usually have at least one day a week when we just stay in the house, decompress, and enjoy each other's company. Today was one of those days, and it was amazing. Sometimes you can get up in the morning and magic comes out of the ordinary. We played on the computer and with trains and with play-dough and a few games of Isaac's new "Sesame Street Chutes and Ladders" game which he absolutely loves. When Bernie came home from work, he played with us. It wasn't like we were doing anything extraordinary, but the boys were getting along and behaving themselves (no one went on time-out today!) and we were all laughing and having fun. Right before bath and bedtime, we were watching some music videos. Isaac was up in my arms and we were dancing as David jumped around the room. Isaac was just so cuddly with those soft blond curls pressed against me and I just wanted to freeze the moment forever.

Thank you, God, for the beauty of simple moments!

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