Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Lego Star Wars Saga

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was very nice, although also very busy. It is always nice to relax a bit and enjoy this respite between Christmas and New Years.

With each Christmas, I have found that there is always one present more troublesome than others. This year's winner is definitely the Lego Star Wars Computer game that I got for David. He plays this game all the time when he goes to "Little Y" - the in-store babysitting service at our local Big Y store. So, I decided to get him the game for Christmas. I ordered it on-line and received it in a very timely fashion. David was thrilled when he opened it Christmas morning. It wasn't until nighttime, however, that we actually had the chance to install the game on our computer. When we opened the package (which had been shrinkwrapped and in all of its original packaging) there was no CD inside. Needless to say, he was rather disappointed. I had already promised them a shopping trip on Wednesday to pick up a few things we needed so I told him we would pick up a new copy of the game. We did so and I explained the story to the cashier and opened the case in front of her to make sure that it contained a CD.

We installed the game this morning, only to find that it couldn't play on our computer because we don't have the correct graphics card. My husband looked up the information on what we needed and found that Staples carried the card. I went there with the boys and picked up what the clerk told me was the correct item. My husband took our computer apart to install the card and discovered that the card didn't fit!He was going out with a friend tonight and promised he would stop by a different Computer supply store to see if he could find one that would fit our computer.

I have to say, for David, whose stress level is usually pretty high, he has been taking it in stride. At this point, the situation has become comical. As he says, "I'm not getting my hopes up!"

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