Sunday, February 01, 2009

I made my husband cry!

Last weekend, I sent a word file of my novel to three people: my best friend, who just had a baby so I totally understand that she doesn't have time to read it; one of my homeschooling friends who is a writer/editor with the plea that she look it over for me and make constructive suggestions, who graciously agreed but who also has so much on her plate that I know it will be a while; and my husband, who manages to read several books in the average week while watching several dvds and getting his work done (he works from home.) I somehow thought he might be able to squeeze 1 1/2 hours out of his week to read something he had watched me work on for the past three months. Besides, he had asked to read it when it was done. So, when he hadn't mentioned a single thing by Wednesday about my story, I tried to casually ask him why he wasn't reading my story. He said he was, but that it just wasn't the type of thing he liked to read (I had warned him it was a chick-flick before he started).

I felt horrible. I had apparently just wasted three months of my life on something so bad that even my husband - a person who promised to love, honor, and cherish me till death do us part - couldn't make the sacrifice of spending 1 1/2 hours to read it. This was more confirmation that my life was worthless, meaningless, and that for various reasons I was destined to be a failure forever (yes, it was a rough week on the psychological side).

So, anyway, Saturday morning he came down from his office with tears in his eyes and says, "Leave it to you to write a %#%%$ Hallmark story." He had actually finished the book and the ending made him cry! That is no easy feat. Very few stories bring tears to his eyes. So, in some small way, I have achieved success. Of course, he said that now he plans to edit it because according to him, "the beginning is dry and my writing is nondescriptive." I'm not sure if he'll actually devote the time to do that or not, but I will certainly take his comments under consideration. I know the story can be better and I'm certainly willing to work on it.

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