Friday, February 20, 2009

Lenten Retreat and Book

Vinita Wright has just announced the publication of Days of Deepening Friendship: For the Woman Who Wants Authentic Life With God
is a retreat-in-a-book, containing 40 short chapters that deal with questions of our relationship with God. It focuses on the real experiences of women, and it uses the well-proven principles of Ignatian spirituality (the model used by many spiritual directors). It is designed to help the reader deal honestly with her spirituality, to let go of fear, and to engage fully in her life-as-is. This book can be used alone, with a spiritual director, or in a small group. Each chapter finishes with spiritual exercises appropriate to that topic, making this not just a reading experience but an interactive one as well.

During Lent of this year, you can go to to sign up for the online retreat Wright is giving, based on the book and on this year’s Lectionary readings. It will begin the Monday before Ash Wednesday and will have one session per week through Easter week. You can post comments and questions, and she will not only respond but be available in real time for a specific time each week.

Thank you Vinita for letting us know!

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