Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Can We Trust God To Give Us What We Desire?

Marc Cardaronella has a very interesting post up: Can We Trust God to Give Us What We Desire?

I admit this is something I have really struggled with throughout my life. God has certainly answered some of my deepest desires, but only after long waits (I have found that seven years has a certain significance in my life - I seem to have to want something for that long, come to the acceptance that it isn't going to happen and realize that I need to make the best of my current situation before God grants the desire). Others he seems to have slammed the door shut on (Yes, I know - anything is possible with God and no one knows what the future might hold.)

As Mark suggests, I do pray every day to do God's will and ask for his help with the desires of my heart. I do try to trust that God knows better than I do what I need, and that in denying or delaying my desires he is teaching me a valuable lesson (even if I don't realize it until many years later.)Sometimes, however, the trusting is very hard.

Dear God, please help me to trust in you.

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