Tuesday, September 13, 2011

God Can Use All His Creatures for Good

I've posted stories here before about animals acting as "angels" for their human counterparts. The most recent issue of "The Catholic Mirror" features another such story. In "Fighting Fear with Faith," Nancy Engelbrecht tells how her dog helped alert her to breast cancer:

Nancy couldn't ask for a better dog. Three months after her October 2005 mammogram at age 42 come back clean, she was bothered by one of her golden retrievers, a dog named Ben.

Ben began placing his paw on Nancy's right breast each morning. She was getting annoyed after about six weeks of this behavior. "I said, 'Ben, stop that, it's really starting to hurt!'" She then put her hand where her dog had been directing her and felt a lump.. . Following Nancy's surgery, Ben never again placed his paw on her in that manner.

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