Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Remember and Pray

This prayer was in my parish bulletin for this week:

Almighty God, Lord of all compassion,
we remember the terrible events
of this day in America ten years ago.

We are reminded that we live in a broken
and grievously divided world,
where some are bent on terror and destruction.

We recall that day when planes speared into the twin towers in New York, that later
collapsed in dust and fire to rubble;
another hit the Pentagon, and a fourth crashed
because brave men fought to stop it
reaching its target.

In a world where some are willing to die
in the name of their religion,
killing and maiming thousands
of innocent people,
we struggle to understand and
combat terrorism.

As Jesus commanded, we pray for our enemies;
for an end to the hatred, the wrong
teaching and beliefs,
and the recruiting of suicide bombers,
some no more than children.
We pray for the victims of this day in 2001
and other atrocities.
We pray for the children left orphaned;
for bereaved parents;
for people still suffering from injuries and terrible memories.
We pray for those who work to relieve
and heal the suffering.
Pour your Spirit upon us to enable us
and all your people
to work for justice and true peacemaking,

In the name of Jesus Christ, King of Peace and Lord of Lords,


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