Friday, September 02, 2011

What is a Teacher?

With this being the season for back to school, Bishop Timothy McDonnell quoted the following poem in his most recent column. It is a good reflection - for all teachers, and that includes ALL parents. We all teach our children every day of our lives.

A teacher is . . . a path, to help avoid a fall.
A teacher is . . . an ear, to listen when others call.
A teacher is . . . a voice, with which to talk and sing.
A teacher is . . . a hinge, on which the future swings.
A teacher is . . . a shield, for stopping Satan's darts.
A teacher is . . . a hand, to touch a lonely heart.
A teacher is . . . an arm, to lift hearts from defeat.
A teacher is . . . a light, to awaken those who sleep.
A teacher is . . . a rock, to be solid for each day.
A teacher is . . . an example, to show Christ is the way.
A teacher is . . . a hope, while traveling earth's sod.
A teacher is . . . a life, dedicated to God.

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