Friday, September 23, 2011

Now or Later?

At Bible Study today, we were discussing Adam and Eve and the first sin. Eve was promised knowledge of good and evil and that, if she ate the fruit, she would never die. She had to make a choice between obeying God and the implied promise of good things to come or having something that seemed good now.

It is the same choice we all have to make, and it determines the course of our whole lives. Do we believe in heaven and the promise of a blissful eternity beyond what we can imagine? Are we willing to sacrifice now with all the pain that entails because it is the right thing to do and the life God asks of us?

Or . . .

Do we believe that this is all there is? In which case, suffering and sacrifice make no sense and serve no purpose and we should really try to squeeze as much self-indulgent pleasure out of every day that we can, no matter who we hurt in the process.

Which will you choose?

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