Friday, September 21, 2012

The Pope Who Wanted to be a Librarian

When Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected as Pope Benedict XVI, my heart sank. Anyone but him, I thought! Over the years, however, as I have read and enjoyed many of his books and learned more about him as a person, I have truly come to respect, admire and appreciate him. I actually think that he and I have somewhat similar personalities!

One of my (many!) dreams is to work in a library so I read with great interest this article in the National Catholic Register: Benedict's Dream Job: Vatican Librarian.  

It turns out our esteemed pope once dreamed of being a librarian and archivist at the Vatican library. As the article states, "The disclosure is understandable, given the Holy Father's love of book, how he treasures his own personal library and his skill in teaching the faith."

As for me, God seems to fulfill my dreams in his own time and in ways somewhat different than I might expect, but I've recently been put in charge of my parish library, so on a small scale I am becoming a librarian after all! Now, if God will only provide me the time to actually work on this task, I will be all set . . .

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