Wednesday, January 02, 2013

51 Inspiring Ideas for Your Next Art Project

This is an article I wrote back in 2005.

Are you eager to begin that next painting, drawing or needlework project, but stumped for an idea? Let the list that follows offer some inspiration.

1) Trace a child's hand. Add his or her name and the date for a lasting momento.
2) Use a pattern from your favorite piece of dinnerware.
3) A favorite painting or print
4) A fishbowl
5) A baby stroller or bassinet
6) Your child's artwork
7) Use a pattern for a quilt block and create a "quilt" of stitches
8) A collection of leaves
9) A child's favorite toy or toys
10) A still-life of garden tools
11) The flowers you received for a special occasion
12) Wildflowers growing in your yard
13) A barnyard animal
14) A run-down barn
15) A stained glass window
16) A postcard from a much-loved vacation
17) Your house, or a portion thereof
18) A collection of acorns
19) The doodle you made while sitting in that boring meeting
20) Your dog or cat
21) A still-life of fruits or vegetables
22) An old or interesting piece of jewelry
23) Create an abstract image using a digital photo or scanned image and your computer's photo-manipulation software
24) A pattern from a piece of fabric
25) A houseplant
26) The view out your kitchen window
27) A hanging pot rack
28) A lantern
29) A wallpaper border
30) A piece of lace
31) Part of a city street
32) An old mill
33) A grouping of colorful buttons
34) Kitchen canisters
35) Leather-bound books on a bookshelf or table
36) An interesting lamp on an end table
37) A bottle of wine with glasses. Look at the way the light reflects, creating many colors.
38) A teapot with a teacup
39) A line from a favorite poem
40) A tree in winter - with or without snow
41) A wicker basket full of blankets
42) A rocking chair
43) Jelly or mason jars
44) An umbrella stand with umbrella
45) A fancy hat
46) A wreath decorated for a particular season
47) A grouping of seed packets
48) An antique doorknob
49) A park bench
50) A fireplace
51) Look around you and be inspired!

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