Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Fertility MD App Review

Over on CatholicLane, Sarah Reinhard has offered a review of the MyFertilityMD App:

This looks like a great resource for all of us who practice NFP or for those seeking to try it out. It's wonderful to see these technological resources to help with charting and interpreting fertility signs.

As Sarah writes,
Not sure if this sign you’re having is normal? Worried about something? Just confused by your body?
Or any number of other things…there are real doctors (people with MD after their name, not theologians, mind you) on hand. They’ll look at your charts, answer your questions, pass you the coffee–oh, wait, I’m getting my apps confused…
The FAQs and instructional videos are very good, too. (Yes, I already mentioned that, but it bears repeating.)
In the event that you want to share your chart with your own medical professional or someone else (like your spouse?), you can easily export them.


The cost of classes? Between $100-200. The cost of ongoing learning? I don’t know.
Right now, the app costs $4.99 in iTunes. That’s a special introductory price, and I think this app is worth at least three times that (or more).

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