Thursday, February 21, 2013

Book Review: Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter

Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter: Scaling Back in the 21st Century
by Lloyd Kahn
Bolinas, CA: Shelter Publications, 2012

With a family of seven, I will not be moving into a tiny home anytime soon, but I admit, I admire the downsizing movement from both a minimalist and aesthetic perspective. It is truly amazing how some people creatively live in small spaces (for this book, defined as less than 500 square feet).

 Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter by Lloyd Kahn offers a look at small shelters of all shapes and sizes. The story/description for each shelter is written by the owner or builder of the dwelling, adding a personal touch to the descriptions. The photos are the hallmark of the book. Each shelter is beautifully photographed to highlight the special features of the space.

Whether you live in a small home or a large home, if you are interested in simplifying and creative use of space, then this is a book well-worth spending some time with.

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Henry Jordan said...

What a wonderful world of homes! Very nice to see all these homes and people who built these tree houses, campers, boats on water and so on.

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