Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Local Priest Finds Ministry with Deaf

This is a wonderful story of a local priest, Rev. Matthew Alcombright, and his new-found ministry with the deaf:

A trained pianist, the Rev. Matthew J. Alcombright thought it would be “neat” to learn a few signs in American Sign Language while he was in the seminary.
The few signs turned into a new language for him, and a new ministry.

“I wouldn't say I am fluent (in American Sign Language), but I feel comfortable conversing with the deaf community and interpreting if necessary,” said the director of deaf ministry for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield since July.
“I learn new signs every day, and that is fostered by just (signing) with deaf people throughout the diocese. I think like any language you learn the most by just doing it.” 

Please read the full article here: Piano-Playing Priest Ministers to Deaf and Hard of Hearing Throughout the Diocese of Springfield

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