Thursday, February 07, 2013

The Little House Books for Adults

I was doing some cleaning a few days ago and came across this article that I meant to blog about, but never did, and seeing as today (February 7th, 1867) is Laura Ingalls Wilder's birthday, it seemed like a perfect day to do it!

The Library of America recently issued a new edition of the famous Little House books: The Little House Books: The Library of America Collection. Most of us grew up with the charming versions illustrated by Garth Williams. Those versions are lovely, perfect for read-alouds and sharing with children. I read my own copies multiple times growing up and shared them with my own boys before they were too old to say "those books are for girls!"

This new edition is more for adults (and there are many adult fans of these books!). Coming in two volumes, edited by Caroline Fraser, all nine Little House books are included. The print is small and there are copious footnotes. This is basically a study edition of the famous works.

There was a wonderful review of them in the Wall Street Journal back in September: Songs of the Free and the Brave

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