Sunday, July 09, 2006

The World of Websites

Sorry my posting hasn't been as frequent lately - I have been busily working on two websites. I am on the technology committee for David's new school and we have been revamping the website for the Pre-K program.

Tonight, I also completed the updates to my own Spiritual Woman website. It needed a face-lift! It was neat to go through and look at all the pages. It brought back quite a few memories as I reviewed both articles that I had written and some favorite ones written by others. The site has come quite a long way since I started it with 5 articles over two years ago. It now has about 300 pages and a great deal of useful information. Obviously, it could have alot more, but as one person working part-time on it, I'm pretty proud of it. Granted, it is certainly not the most-viewed site in cyberspace, but I hope that it has brought inspiration into some people's lives. Sometimes (and I remind myself of this daily) quantity isn't the most important thing. So, check it out, and give me any feedback you would like. While you are there, consider visiting our advertisers. They help make the site possible.

Thank you!

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