Thursday, January 03, 2008

Book Review - Wife's Prayer

The seeds of “Wife’s Prayer: Seeking God’s Best for Your Husband” were planted in May 2003 when Pamela Hines sent out a call to the women of her church community to come and pray for their husbands. Scores of women arrived for the Saturday 5 am prayer time. In Hines’ words, “The presence of God was profound that morning, and a great sense of joy and accomplishment rested upon each of us when we departed.”

Pamela Hines has been married to her husband Darrell for over twenty-five years. Together they pastor a thriving Christian Faith Fellowship Church in Milwaukee. Their marriage has not always been problem-free, however, and she understands the struggles of married couples. She echoes the words of her mother-in-law that “marriages are under attack.” This is so true. Our marriages need our prayers more than ever.

Hines’ prayers are based on Scripture and she prays with confidence. She invites women to “pray the answers. . . declaring [God’s] truth and promises in our husband’s lives, whether or not we currently see them.” It is also important that we put aside what we might will for our husband and instead pray for what God wants for our husband. “As you pray, you will see God tenderly bring change in your husband’s life. At the same time, He will also begin to fill your life with His presence.”

The prayers cover all aspects of a man’s life, from his desires to his strength to his physical well-being. There are prayers for his career and his life in Christ and his relationship with his family. There are special prayers taken from the Proverbs, the Letters of Paul, and Psalm 119. As I was reading these prayers, I felt that they were universal. They could be used for anyone someone wanted to pray for.

Our husbands need our love and our support, and most importantly, they need our prayers. Pamela Hines has done us a great service in offering these Bible-based prayers.

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