Wednesday, January 02, 2008

You are Invited to a "Moment of Beauty"

Over the past few months, I've been trying to come up with some new business venture. I had some requirements, however. It had to be something I could do from home, have low investment and overhead, and be something that would help improve people's lives and the world in some small way. I had a couple of good ideas that proved to be unfeasible for various reasons. So, as 2007 winded down, I felt a little discouraged and was still searching for that new idea that would work. But then, an idea came to me on December 31st.

I would like to say that I had this brilliant flash that came out of nowhere, but, no, it came as I was reading a "Junie B. Jones" book to the boys. "Junie B. Jones" is not classic literature by any stretch of the imagination, but the kids think she is great. In this particular book, "Aloha-ha-ha", Junie and her parents are going to Hawaii and her 1st grade teacher instructs her to keep a photo-journal while she is gone - at least one picture for every day.

I began to think "What about posting a photo for each day?" - a moment of beauty that might otherwise go unnoticed. We are all so busy; we tend to just pass by all the beauty that surrounds us. So, I have begun a new blog which will post at least one photo a day that invites us to just take a moment to appreciate something beautiful: and I am inviting all of you to take part. Please send photos of your favorite "moments of beauty" to me at The only rule is that you must have taken the photo (I don't want any copyright infringement issues.) I will be happy to list your name and to post a link to your website or blog.

As an added plus, I plan to donate one half of the revenue earned from advertising and Amazon sales each month from this blog and that blog to charity. For this month, I have chosen "Habitat for Humanity."

Please help me spread the word about this new venture. Please tell your friends (some of you will be receiving an email from me that you can then forward). Please send your photos and bookmark the page so you can visit often and take in a "moment of beauty."

Thank you so much for all of your support!

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