Wednesday, March 05, 2008

How to Achieve Success

I have been reading Never Better: All Things Considered by Sally Connolly. The book is primarily how she learned to cope after losing her husband of 37 years, but in it, she offered this wonderful explanation of how to achieve success:

To achieve success, thus, follow the lead set by the exemplars of excellence. First, look carefully at your interests and find something you are passionate about. Then, look realistically at the skills you possess as well as your potential for developing them or acquiring new ones. Rather than a headlong, helter-skelter dash, set a plan. Bolster your self-confidence by celebrating minor accomplishments along the way. Don't be surprised by setbacks, and don't be fearful of them. Detours on the road to success are only temporary glitches. Work through them and keep your eyes on the ultimate goal. Follow the roadmap you have set, enthusiastically devote time and effort, and visualize success. And finally, enlist the aid and support of family and friends. Telling them about your plans can help keep you on track. Most importantly, never give up."

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