Monday, March 24, 2008

A "Not Yet" Kind of Easter

With Easter being so early this year, the weather here in Massachusetts was positively cold. While there are a few daffodil and tulip sprouts poking their heads through the ground, the grass is still brown, there are still patches of dirty snow in some places, and we still need to wear our winter coats. It really doesn't feel like Spring.

And yet, the promise is there. It is coming. We know it is. The sun is brighter. The days are not so bleak. We just need to be patient and endure these last days of cold. For many of us, perhaps this was a "not yet" kind of Easter. The promise of Resurrection and New Life is there, but we can't quite feel it yet. Our lives are still stuck in the muck of winter, long after the snow has ceased to be beautiful. But we trust that the glory is coming. We believe and we hope. Sometimes, that is all we can do.

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