Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Is it Easter Yet?

A guest post by Janet Cassidy:


Easter is less than three weeks away! Typically, we can look forward to a sunny change in the weather. Gone is the gloom and hassle that can accompany the winter months.

It is good that we look forward to Easter, but I suspect that sometimes we look forward to it for all the wrong reasons . . .

For some of us, we return to eating special treats, shopping, entertainment or, even, swearing. But, if your anticipation of Easter has more to do with these types of things than the Resurrection of Christ, you may want to use these last few weeks to go a little deeper in your Lenten reflections, because you've gotten off track!

How does Christ's death and resurrection impact you and the way you live? Has the knowledge that Jesus suffered for YOU influenced the way you respect yourself and others? Do you love - truly love - unconditionally and first? Have you rearranged your life so that your work, family and play is inspired by your faith?

When you look to Easter as a joyous day of celebration, do not plan to stuff yourself again. Do not plan to return to your old ways. Rejoice in the resurrection of Christ that has brought you new life. Then, and only then, will your experience in the Lenten desert have been well-spent.

God bless,

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