Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Help for Men who have experienced Abortion

"Columbia" magazine, a publication of The Knights of Columbus, included a very informative article on resources to help men who are suffering as a result of an abortion. It is a myth that abortion only impacts women, especially because men have no legal rights when it comes to abortion decisions.

Men who regret abortion decisions fall into three categories: "those who advocated or pushed for the abortion, those who knew about the abortion but failed to intervene, and those who did not know. The first group repents of actually killing the child, while the second group experiences guilt over 'the sin of omission.' The third often react with great anger that it happened, that the law did not grant them any right to know or decide, and that they could not stop the abortion from taking place."

If you know of a man who is experiencing pain over an abortion in his past, there are places and people that can help:

The National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation & Healing:

Guys for Life: www.guysforlife.org

Fatherhood Forever Foundation: www.fatherhoodfoundation.org

Pro-Life Joes: www.prolifejoes.com

Fathers and Brothers Ministry: www.lifeissues.org

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