Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Making the Most of our Children's Time

I received a complimentary copy of Home School Enrichment Magazine. It discusses home-schooling from a Christian perspective. There was an article on "Beating the Summer Boredom Bug" by Cindy Puhek. The article offered a unique perspective on choosing activities for your children:

Many Christians ask the question, "What's wrong with doing this activity? If it doesn't involve something blatantly immoral, why not?" Steven Maxwell of Titus 2 Ministries teaches that we should change our question from, "Can I do this?" to "Is this activity the best investment of our God-given time?"

The gift of time is precious, and even for our children, what they do with it matters. Obviously there is a place for fun and it is extremely important for both adults and children, but choosing the right kind of fun matters. I had never heard the question put quite this way and I thought that it offers a good standard for making good use of our children's time (as well as our own).

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