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Book Review: Newsflash!

Book Review - Newsflash: My Surprising Journey from Secular Anchor to Media Evangelist By Teresa Tomeo

Reviewed by Lisa M. Hendey

Bezalel Books, P.O. Box 300427, Waterford, MI 48330,

$14.99 September, 2008; Paperback, 168 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9800483-9-1

My ranking: 5 stars (of 5)

Most people would look at Teresa Tomeo - author, host of an internationally syndicated talk show, and noted speaker - and make the assumption that this rising star never had a day of trouble in her life, that she's one of those lucky ones for whom the stars just seem to align perfectly. Perhaps her willingness to share the true portrait of her life and to smudge the perfect picture a bit is what makes her newest book Newsflash: My Surprising Journey from Secular Anchor to Media Evangelist so incredibly compelling. I have to admit to being in the camp of people who looked at Teresa's rising success and faith-filled attitude without knowing the full truth behind her journey.

Newsflash: My Surprising Journey from Secular Anchor to Media Evangelist is Teresa Tomeo's first person account of the events in her life that have brought her to her current role as a woman on a mission to employ the power of the media to bring people to the fullness of the truth of a life lived with God at one's center. With surprising candor, Tomeo recounts her rise to the heights of the network news business and her subsequent sinking to the depths of the industry, including a trip to the unemployment line. When we think enviously of television personalities who live their lives as open books, rarely do we pause to contemplate the pain they must face when their own personal tragedies are played out in the public eye. Teresa Tomeo, however, was able to take what most would consider a deal-breaking hand and turn it into a winner.

Newsflash: My Surprising Journey from Secular Anchor to Media Evangelist chronicles Tomeo's career, but more importantly the spiritual path that led her from a fallen-away Catholic on the brink of divorce to someone who currently inspires millions on a daily basis worldwide via her satellite radio podium and acclaimed writings. Using the themes of the news business to orient itself, this book is part biography, part spiritual outreach. Teresa doesn't sugar coat any part of her life, even putting such difficulties as marital discord and an eating disorder under the microscope so others can learn and be inspired by her journey. In doing so, shares with the reader a message of great hope and inspiration. If we are willing to submit direction of our life to a loving God and place him at the "master control" of our world, we can have the same sense of hope, peace, and confidence in salvation that permeates Teresa's life today.

Teresa's story of going from laid off news anchor to one willing to accept a new assignment according to God's design ultimately brought her a great sense of clarity and devotion. Her willingness to embrace the mantra "Let my misery be my ministry" gave her the marching orders she needed to reach out and to touch the lives of others. And now, she is on fire to share the "scoop" - the good news that our lives can be as filled with purpose, meaning and happiness as her own.

Newsflash: My Surprising Journey from Secular Anchor to Media Evangelist is a book that will appeal to a broad variety of readers. For fans of Teresa Tomeo's work, this provides an excellent, no-holds-barred look at her career and personal philosophies. Perhaps more importantly though, this book reaches out to those who may find themselves separated from or never having known anything about the truth of the Catholic Church. In the introduction to the wonderful reflection questions that accompany her work, Teresa shares:

My goal with this book is to give witness to the mighty works of God in my life. I want to give glory and honor to Him in all that I say and do. I also think of the many women I have met throughout my career who have fallen away from the Church. These women are in my heart as I write this book because I want to take their hand and walk them home to Rome. And, of course, I write this book so that all can be reminded of the graces and mercy of God.

With wit, zeal, compassion and "can't put it down" readability, Newsflash: My Surprising Journey from Secular Anchor to Media Evangelist is a true treasure. The book is firmly based in solid doctrine and contains numerous references from scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and papal encyclicals. Newsflash! is endorsed by Monsignor Mangan, of the Vatican; Al Kresta, CEO of Ave Maria radio; Doug Keck, Host of televison's"Bookmark;" best-selling Catholic authors Donna Maria Cooper O'Boyle and Steve Ray; Catholic editor and author Heidi Hess Saxton and more. Complimenting the main portion of the book is a wonderful section with personal reflections and helpful resources at the conclusion. Take my advice and buy two copies of this book - one for yourself and one for a friend with whom you'd like to share the fullness and beauty of the Catholic Church. You'll both be better off for having heard Teresa Tomeo's Newsflash.

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