Thursday, August 28, 2008

A "Second-Best" Day

Richard McCarthy wrote an article in my local newspaper this week talking about his "Second-Best" day. Basically, he started out with all these great plans for his day, none of which materialized. In fact, by all accounts, his day was awful. His car broke down, he drove over his own bike, and hurt his knee. He ended up sitting on a set of concrete steps against an iron railing, reading a book, and waiting for a friend to meet him for dinner. The strange thing was, sitting in that unlikely setting, he actually ended up enjoying himself a great deal! He appreciated what had come to him, even though it was far from what he had planned. He ended up having a "Second-Best" day.

Life is full of times that don't turn out quite as we planned, but if we look, there is usually some enjoyment to be found in the most unexpected surroundings.

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