Thursday, September 25, 2008

Catechist Training

As part of my efforts to be a better CCD teacher, I am attending a series of workshops being held at my parish. The first one was tonight. I did learn quite a bit. Here were a few of the ideas presented by Sr. Paula Robillard, SSJ, Director of Religious Education for the Diocese of Springfield, MA:

A parish is a religious education program - need to always be welcoming. Catechesis is everything a parish does.

We have a responsibility as Church to share our faith.

The fundamental tasks of catechesis are:
- Promoting knowledge of the faith
- Liturgical education (understanding mass and sacraments)
- Moral formation (10 Commandments and Beatitudes)
- Teaching to Pray (emphasis on talking to God)
- Education for Community Life
- Missionary initiation (get children involved in service projects with their families)

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