Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Updating the website

The boys went on a field trip to the Big E (a big New England State Fair) today with Grandma, leaving yours truly to see how much she could accomplish in their absence. I did get quite a bit done, although of course not as much as I had hoped.

One of the projects I have had on my to-do list for months is to convert my Spiritual Woman site over to Wordpress so that it would be on a content management system. I just don't have the time to create the html pages like I used to. I'm hoping that this will help me put up pages more frequently and make the site more of a resource. So, I spent much of today working on that. As anyone who has worked with can attest, simply choosing a template is quite a project. There is no guarantee I will keep the one I have up!

I have kept all the pages from my old site, so if anyone had links to them, they will still work. The archived index page can be found at: Spiritual Woman Archive. I want to copy all the pages over to the new system, but there are literally hundreds of them and I'm not sure when or if that will happen. If I can just keep the site active from now on, I will be happy :)

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