Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Time for Confession?

My family and I went to our parish's Advent Penance service tonight. Even though I go to confession on a regular basis, there is something powerful about going in a large group where everyone is acknowledging their sinfulness and their need to be reconciled with God and neighbor.

When I attend these penance services where there are many priests, most of whom I do not know, I always pray to get the person I need at that time. The priest I had tonight really spoke to my heart (I cried a bit which was something I didn't expect at all) and he gave me one of those creative penances that I need to do over a couple days. It was quite a meaningful experience.

For those of you questioning whether you actually need to go to confession, or need a refresher course on how to go, The National Catholic Register has a wonderful one page guide: The How and Why of Confession

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