Friday, January 13, 2012

Are You There, God?

I was feeling pretty badly today - no specific reason, really. It's January - for me, that seems to be reason enough. (Is it spring, yet?) Add in hormones, stress, lack of sleep - bad mental health seems to go hand in hand with all of it.

In any event, I happened to open my January 2012 copy of St. Anthony's Messenger and came across this article by Susan Hines-Brigger: Are You There, God?

Hines-Brigger shares some of the difficult things going on in her life right now and how they affect her relationship with God. It can be very hard to trust in God when you are hurting (whatever the reason behind that hurt). It can be hard to see any value to life, to feel blessed at all. In any event, this article was just what I needed to read today - my own personal message from God from the hands of a fellow writer. If you are going through a rough time, it might help you, too.

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