Friday, January 06, 2012

Keeping Things in Perspective

The January 2012 issue of US Catholic is focused on women and the Church. It offers much food for thought. Kathleen P. Hockey writes about her parish community, where the "church is full on Sunday with women and men serving at the altar, the veiled and jean-clad all kneeling together, worshiping in genuine camaraderie."

She continues, "This kind of parish community is why I remain faithful. It gives me hope that in spite of the polarization and injustice so often talked about and bemoaned, in many corners of the church world, tolerance, equality, and charity prevail quietly.

"There is one more thing that keeps me faithful. It is the realization that our church is a global church. While I am safe and sound in the United States, both male and female Catholics in other countries are being suppressed or exterminated for the faith. Willingness to die rather than not be Catholic makes the pettiness here seem downright sinful."

Here in the U.S., we Catholics can sometimes be downright nasty to each other. It is truly one of my pet peeves. We who call ourselves Christian should be kind to each other. We can disagree, but we should be kind. But, in this country, we have the luxury of being able to practice our faith, and argue about all the particulars. Sometimes, perhaps most of the time, we don't appreciate that fact.

People die for our faith all the time. Thank you to Kathleen Hockey for reminding us how blessed we are to be here.

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