Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter!

This Easter, I offer you some words from Bishop Timothy A. McDonnell, Bishop of Springfield, MA.

Easter calls us to celebrate the fact that the light of Christ has dawned on the darkness of our world; it has come providing us with hope for a future greater than we dared ever expect. It challenges us to share a kind of living that goes beyond the here and now. It challenges us to rise above the things that so easily keep us entombed and imprisoned; it challenges us to rise above our sins, and become truly people of the resurrection.

Easter has no meaning for us if Christ has emptied his tomb but we are afraid to come forth, if we are afraid to put the darkness of sin to flight, if we are afraid to expose ourselves to his light. All our hopes and happiness are bound up with Christ's resurrection. The resurrection announces that God's love is present in the world and is more powerful than evil. The good news is that in all the dark and depressing moments of life, the possibility of resurrection exists, the Good News proclaims that no defeat is final and no life is hopeless.

I wish you all a very Blessed Easter!

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