Thursday, April 19, 2012

Searching for a Good Man?

Amy Bonaccorso is hosting a free web chat about her book, How to Get to 'I Do': A Dating Guide for Catholic Women, with special guest Fr. Elias Carr, Can. Reg. If you or anyone you know is having a hard time finding a Catholic mate, this web chat might be just the thing for them.

The chat will be on Monday, April 23, at 7:00 p.m. EST. It's going to focus on Chapter 7, “Growing Outside Yourself.” This chapter has fueled much thought and online discussion!

What happens if you can’t find a guy at Catholic events or dating websites? What if the guy who treats you the best is not a practicing Catholic? Could God be asking you to open your heart and grow beyond your preconceived notions?

Fr. Elias, who influenced this chapter, will make a special appearance to elaborate on his quote on page 73, “Just find a good guy!” What made him say that and what qualifies as a “good guy” these days anyway?
Kate Wicker, Catholic author of Weightless, will also offer some words of wisdom. She is married to a non-Catholic man.

This is a unique opportunity that will allow for one-on-one conversation and questions and answers with folks from around the country. Just be sure you have a web camera and the latest version of Flash installed on your computer. This is going to be a really fun video chat experience!

Please RSVP here because space is limited!

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