Friday, April 20, 2012

Searching for a Beautiful Wedding Dress?

Wedding season is upon us, and while those brides walking down the aisle this spring and summer have most likely already chosen their dresses, those engaged to be married next year are most likely just starting their search. Every bride wants to look beautiful for her wedding, and the dress plays a big part of that.

Personally, I think most people simply remember that the bride wore white and looked lovely, UNLESS she goes with something that shows a lot of cleavage or is otherwise overly sexy. Wedding dresses, especially for women getting married in a Catholic ceremony, should be beautiful and classy, not encourage feelings of lust in every male member of the congregation.

Thankfully, classy modest dresses are coming back in style, thanks in large part to the dress Kate Middleton wore for her wedding to Prince William last year. Lori Hadacek Chaplin discusses this trend in her article: Here Comes the Catholic Bride.

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