Thursday, June 07, 2012

Book Review: Sons of Cain

Sons of Cain
by Val Bianco
Canonsburg, PA: Lepanto Press, 2010

"Sons of Cain" by Val Bianco is the type of book that will keep you up at night. It is the ultimate conspiracy theory - the devil and his minions are planning to take over the United States Supreme Court and to establish an alternative to the Catholic Church, a state-sponsored Church based on a "do what you want to" morality. Opposing these evil forces are Nick Rieper, a commando with extensive knowledge in demonology, and his band of highly trained knights. Fr. John Picora, an ex-Marine and ex-addict, now devoted to the cross and prayer ably serves as their spiritual adviser.

Bianco begins this novel with a retelling of Pope Leo XIII's 1873 vision of Lucifer. Protected by St. Michael the Archangel, the Pope witnessed a discussion between Jesus Christ and Lucifer. The devil boasted that he could destroy the Church. Jesus gave him the authority to try - for one hundred years. The Holy Father then saw a vision of all the terrible things that would happen in the next century. When he returned to the reality of the present moment, he penned the famous prayer to St. Michael to defend us in spiritual battle.

This novel deals with satanic rituals and evil in its purest forms. Evil isn't an abstract idea - it is an ever-present reality, and in the pages of this novel it is fought against by those willing to lay down their lives to destroy it. The pages pulse with action and adventure and the truth ripped from today's political and spiritual headlines. I could definitely see this book as a blockbuster movie on the big screen. It is incredibly well-written and will make you think. While not for the faint of heart and definitely in the realm of fiction (although reading it, I actually began to worry this all could happen and wondered where the real Nick Rieper might come from!), the "Sons of Cain" will change how you look at spiritual warfare. One thing is for certain - I plan to pray to St. Michael every day from now on!

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