Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Hope for College Students in Boston

The college years can be such a tough time for young Catholics. So many walk away from their faith during that time period. Some of that is due to the outside world - a world in which faith is often attacked. Some of it comes from inside - it is a time of separating from one's parents, figuring out what matters in life, what the purpose of life is, and where one fits into the broader world. It is important that young people have people of faith that they can trust and go to in order to ask the big questions.

Cardinal Sean O'Malley in Boston has started a program called the "Hub" - Hope for Undergraduates in Boston. The Brotherhood of Hope was invited to minister to students at a dozen non-Catholic colleges in Boston. One can only hope that this program will expand and reach more young adults when they need that help the most!

Read more about this program in the National Catholic Register: Hope for College Students in Boston

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Simple Faith and Life said...

This sounds great. I credit the Newman Club with helping one of my sons to grow stronger in his faith while attending a secular college.

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