Monday, September 28, 2020

Cover Your Grandchildren In Prayer



One of the greatest gifts a child can have is a grandparent who prays. Julie Cragen, author of Bless My Child, has written Bless My Grandchild: A Catholic Prayer Book for Grandparents. This is a beautiful compilation of prayers covering almost every intention one might have for a grandchild.

The first section is “Prayers for before My Grandchild is Born”. It includes a prayer for a couple struggling with infertility and a prayer for grieving a miscarriage. There are prayers for new mothers and fathers and for twins or multiple births.

“Prayers for Newborn and Infant Grandchildren” includes prayers for a mother in labor, a baby in intensive care, an adopted grandchild, a prayer of thanksgiving for a new baby, prayers for children with health issues or special needs, and one for grieving the death of a baby.

In “Prayers for Sacramental Graces”, there are prayers for a grandchild receiving baptism, making his or her first reconciliation, first communion, confirmation, getting married, or receiving the anointing of the sick, as well as prayers for altar servers and those discerning a religious vocation.

Other sections include “Prayers to Help My Grandchild Grow in Virtue”, “Prayers for my Growing Grandchild”, “Prayers for Elementary and Middle School Years”, “Prayers for Teenage Years”, “Prayers for Adult Grandchildren”, and “Prayers for Serious Needs”.  The final section features traditional prayers and novenas.

There is always a reason to pray for a grandchild. While we can use traditional prayers or simply raise our grandchild’s intentions to God at Mass or the silence of our hearts, Bless My Grandchild offers words for many of the intentions we might have. This collection of prayers would make a lovely gift to offer to any of the Catholic grandparents in your life.


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