Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

This afternoon, 5 year old David and I went to the Stations of the Cross at our Church. The sixth, seventh, and eighth graders at our parochial school put it on as a passion play throughout the Church. The kids did an amazing job. Watching them, you really forgot they were young. It was also a very unique production, in that all the supporting characters in the Passion narrative gave their version of events - Pilate, Veronica, Mary, the Weeping Women, Simon, and even Barabbas gave their perspective on the going-ons of the day. It was incredibly moving.

It was a little disturbing for a 5 year old, however. There were parts that were very loud and as the soldiers hammered in the nails, he was very concerned that Jesus' blood was going to go everywhere. I assured him it was just pretend. In true David fashion, however, as we were leaving, he said "I sure hope they don't ever want me to be Jesus!"

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