Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Vacation Days

David and my husband are both on vacation this week so we have been enjoying our family time as well as my husband and I each getting a little alone time as well. Today I took the boys to our Main City Library as well as to the George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum. I hadn't been to that museum in years and in the interim they have built a wonderful hands-on children's room where the kids can make crafts and have a great time. The boys really enjoyed it. They colored pictures and made medieval mosaics and castle crowns (It's Middle Ages Week at the Museum). I also managed to get them to look at one gallery which has giant plaster casts of Classical and Renaissance sculptures.

Anyway, as I was walking through the library, a woman looked at me and said, "Boy, I'll bet that you'll be glad when they are back in school!" I told her that I actually enjoy having my children around. How sad it is that most people don't expect you to enjoy spending time with your children. Yes, children can be exhausting. When they are tired and cranky and uncooperative, parenting can be completely frustrating. And yes, I do enjoy my alone time to get the things done on my to-do list that just don't mesh well with having two little children around. But I desperately enjoy my boys. They are interesting to talk to, fun to play games with, and I love to cuddle up with them reading stories. All too soon they will be grown up and living their own lives. I will have all the alone time I could ever hope for. For right now, I'm very happy to have my little boys around.

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