Friday, February 09, 2007

Taking Time to Make Someone's Day

One of the easiest ways to make someone's day is to offer a kind word. I know there are days that I am just dragging, feeling pretty down on life in general, and then someone will smile and pay a quick compliment, or someone will email or post on a blog and say that something I wrote meant something to them, or one of my boys will come over and give me a hug and say "I love you, Mama", and all of a sudden life is looking hopeful again.

It only takes a moment to reach out to someone, to give a real smile and a pleasant word to the cashier at a store or a waiter at a restaurant, to tell someone that their sweater sets off their eyes, or to tell your child that they did a good job with whatever task he was working on, or to tell your spouse that you love them. You can make someone's day by reaching out in kindness. Chances are in the process, you will make your own day, too!

1 comment:

martha said...

Hi Patti. I love reading your blogs. You are always an inspitaion to me. Hope I made your day!

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