Thursday, September 06, 2007

Seasons of Life

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Seasons of Life

For some of us, Fall is a wonderfully refreshing time where there is a coolness in the air and relief from the heat of summer. For some it is a time of sadness, an overwhelming anticipation of the cold, dark days of winter. Still, for others, September brings about a sense of restlessness, perhaps anxiety, unattached to anything in particular.

Much like our seasonal changes, our spiritual growth can, at times, also be wonderful, overwhelming and fear-inducing, as God calls us closer and asks more of us. The question is whether or not we are willing - in the midst of these intense, often confusing feelings - to say Yes to God.

It is helpful to remember that our movement toward God should not be founded on feelings alone. Faithfulness and all that our commitment to Christ entails is about believing in the midst of doubt, acting in the midst of uncertainty, and fulfilling our Yes, even after realizing it is much more difficult in reality, than it is in theory.

We mustn't fool ourselves. When we say Yes to God - whether it feels refreshing or overwhelming - it will always bring considerable change.

I encourage you to put all of your trust in God today. Count on His love to help you through whatever you may be experiencing. Let your faithfulness carry you through the seasons of life, when your weariness threatens your peace.

God bless,

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