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Stories of the Saints, Volume 1

Stories of the Saints, Vol. I
Springfield, MO: Arcadius Press, 2007

“Stories of the Saints” is a new graphic series by Arcadius Press depicting lives of the saints in richly illustrated panels with fast-moving text. Volume I includes the stories of Saint Patrick, Saint Jerome Emiliani, Saint Joan of Arc, Saint Henry, and Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton. These vibrant stories, which are told utilizing stunning and entertaining imagery, promise to engage readers of all ages through memorable storylines which entertain, educate and inspire.

Each saint story is introduced by a question. For example, the section on Saint Patrick begins by asking, “Would you return to the country where you had been enslaved to tell those who lived there about Christ?” while the section on Saint Joan of Arc inquires
”Do you live a life that encourages others to follow God?” These questions help establish the theme of the saint’s life that the story seeks to portray. Another helpful feature is “A Saint’s Journey” which is at the end of each section. It provides a chronology of events in the Saint’s life as well as the date of canonization.

I shared this book with my children who enjoyed it immensely. I enjoyed it as well. I like that the series, which has three more books yet to be published, tells of both well-known and less familiar saints. This allows for readers who are well-versed in the lives of the saints to still learn something new. While the stories are brief and of necessity, much of the saint’s life story must be left out, the writers and editors did a wonderful job of hitting all the crucial elements.

I heartily recommend “Stories of the Saints.” With its graphic style, it has the potential to interest some who might not otherwise pick up a book on lives of the saints, while those who already enjoy saints’ stories will appreciate the unique approach.

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