Monday, November 05, 2007

Adjusting to the Time Change

Now that we have turned the clocks back one hour, it really does feel like winter is on its way. Having it be pitch black and cold outside before 5 pm means that evening activities now take place in the house. It also means that my children's inner clocks need to be re-set. Adjusting to the time change always takes about a week for them, in both the fall and spring. As babies, it wreaked total havoc with their systems - in terms of when they wanted to eat, nap, go to bed, etc. Now that they are older (6 1/2 and 5) and can actually tell time, it is becoming a little easier. Still, they woke up right at 5:30 am the past two days instead of 6:30 am even though their bedtimes had been adjusted. A few days of this and they will be sleep-deprived and cranky. So will I! Thankfully, it is usually right around this time that their clocks will make the needed adjustment.

While I do miss the freedom that the warmer, lighter months provide, this time of year has its advantages as well. It is a good time to spend more time together as a family. We play more board games and read more stories. We do more crafts and bake together more. When my boys' energy level gets too high, we even run and jump and dance around the house to get our exercise. Yes, sometimes we even watch television together. What is important is that we are sharing our time together. I hope that your families will take advantage of this time change to do the same.

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