Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Real Life Love

I just posted a great article by Heidi Hess Saxton on "Real Life Love." It is geared towards adoptive parents, but I think it speaks to all parents.

Real Life Love

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Julian said...

HI Patricia

Once I would have agreed with your latest column on Catholic Mom. I use to think wifely obedience was a crock but now I am not so sure. Elizabeth Foss on Real Learning had an interesting post on this subject last year and this make me think again about it.

I have found that by respecting and yes even obeying my husband on some things our home life is a lot easier. Ephesians is often quoted out of context but it is clear that a wife is suppose to obey her spouse and he is suppose to self sacrifice for his wife and children so it is a tough bargain either way. In our case my husband is very easy going and patiente and leave me to to make major purchases, organise our finances as that is not his forte and accommodate me in doing my own thing such as going to professional library meetings and out with girl friends sometimes etc. However when dealing with a very rebellious 13 year old girl, I have his support and as she see me respecting him more, she respects me more if that make sense.


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