Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Life of a New Sister

Through Catholic Extension magazine, I learned about a very interesting blog: The Life of a New Sister. It is good for people interested in religious life to get an inside look. It chronicles the life of Sr. Nicole Trahan. Her profile states:

I am a second year novice with the Marianist Sisters. I'll profess first vows in the summer of 2008 - God willing! I've grown a lot through my formation with the Sisters - in my understanding of myself, Religious Life, and God... more than I imagined possible in such a short time. Having been a teacher and campus minister for 8 years... and living alone during that time, I am learning a new way of being... while still being myself. Life is good. God's grace sustains. And my family & friends are supportive. For what more can a person ask?

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