Sunday, November 25, 2007

Taking a Break

This is hard to admit, but it is hard for me to relax. I feel like I always need to be doing something in order to be productive and justify my existence on this planet. (Yes, I know - my value comes from God, not from anything I do, but still, the feeling remains.)

Sometimes, therefore, I truly need to force myself to relax. I schedule my Saturday nights as relaxation time. My husband and I take out a movie from the library and watch while I work on my scrapbooking or quilting (two relaxing activities I enjoy). This past holiday weekend I forced myself to take a more extended break. I took Thanksgiving off totally. The other days, I confess I did check my email, but that was the limit of my work-related activity. Every night my husband and I watched movies and I worked on my quilt. I enjoyed it so much! Yes, I did feel a little guilty but I got over it! Relaxation is important. That is why God created the Sabbath and secular society gives us holidays. It is just up to us to give ourselves permission to enjoy them.

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